Beerwulf Blade Draught Dispenser

Each Ticket Costs £4.99

The mens turn, check this out guys, this beer dispenser brings the bars to you, easy to set up, easy to change barrels & easy to use. Buy a ticket for the cost of a beer and this beauty could be sitting in your man cave or kitchen serving you and the boys cold beers for the football or rugby

BLADE beer machine

  • Holds 8L of brewery-fresh beer
  • Chills to 2 degrees and fresh for 30 days
  • Premium pub-quality pints every time
  • Compact and beautifully designed
  • Easy to set up, just plug and pour
  • User-friendly and professional 
  • Does not require extra hardware
  • At home in any setting
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BLADE guarantees perfectly tapped beers at optimum drinking temperature. You can pour small 30 beers or 14 full pints from a BLADE Keg, of which there are already 8 to choose from. We have popular beers; Heineken,  Heineken 0.0 , Birra Moretti,  Affligem ,  Tiger , Edelweiss Hefetrüb and more. We are continually updating and adding to our assortment so it is likely that you will see even more of your favourite beers in 8L keg soon!

Beerwulf BLADE

Be it an office, a kitchen, home bar or event space, the Beerwulf BLADE blends seamlessly in any setting. The low murmur of the machine (similar to that of a fridge), means it goes practically unnoticed. And, the innovative, space-saving footprint is a game changer because you can tap anywhere with a power supply!

You can explore all the BLADE Kegs below. You have the option to add the BLADE appliance and your choice of any kegs straight to cart or choose a BLADE Starter Pack, the professional bundle that will get you up and running immediately. Just plug in and pour!